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About Us

Magic Bullet has been set up to harness the innovation and technical expertise present in many smaller British companies, and to make the resulting products available to the UK market as a whole. Very often, large companies are happy to settle for old technology and tolerable performance, producing good margins, rather than striving for constant improvement.Unit

If we offer a product under the Magic Bullet brand, you can be sure that it is the ‘best in class’, offering demonstrable benefits when compared with other products claiming to do the same job. This pledge commits us to continuous improvement. Since we put the range together in January 2013, we have already been able to improve two of the formulae, and will continue to do so.

Meet The Team

Magic Bullet is the brainchild of two industry ‘old hands’.

  • Perry Wilsher

    Perry has a background in Specialist Coatings, having been part of E Earnshaw & Co (1965) Ltd of Nottingham, before founding ‘Graffiti Magic Ltd’. Having sold GM to an international buyer, Perry founded Magic Bullet Products with...

  • Mike Keep

    Mike started at Crown before becoming a Director of Manders Paints Ltd. After they were taken over, Mike joined Kalon (now PPG) before undertaking consultancy work for a number of smaller companies. Many of the products found at these smaller companies form the basis of the Magic Bullet range.