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Patio, Decking & Hard Surface Restorer

 Not only cleans and removes naturally occurring dirt and atmospheric contamination but also ‘brightens’ many types of substrates

Suitable Substrates

Magic Bullet’s ‘Patio, Decking & Hard Surface Restorer’ (MRH) will clean wide variety of hard surfaces including – walls, floors, paths, roofs, decking, paving, boats and monuments.It can be used safely indoors and out. 

Can be used as a stand-alone cleaner or as a superb preparation tool prior to painting.


Apply the product liberally by brush or low pressure hand spray to saturate the contamination. Can be applied to a dry or damp surface. Allow the product to work for 20 to 30 minutes then whilst still wet, thoroughly rinse off with clean water using a pressure washer to achieve the best results.

Do not allow to dry out prior to rinsing off.Stubborn or deep staining may require a second application.To brighten paths and walls leave for up to 8 hours before removing.

 Dilution/coverageFor heavily soiled areas, use neat at 2 to 3 m² per Lt.

For lighter soiling, dilute 1 part MRH with up to 5 parts clean water and apply at 3 to 5 m² per Lt.

 Trial application

 As with all our products we strongly recommend you carry out a small discrete sample application to test the suitability of our ‘Patio, Decking & Hard Surface Restorer’ for your particular use.

 Please refer to the relevant Product Health and Safety data sheet prior to any use.

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