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Multi-Surface Cleaner

A really impressive cleaner suitable for just about any hard surface, which harnesses the latest technology to produce great results with minimum effort.

Suitable Substrates

Magic Bullet’s ‘Multi-Surface Cleaner’ (MSC) incorporates the latest in ‘dirt defence technology’, and has been engineered as a cost effective cleaner for a wide variety of hard surfaces including – UPVC, wood, cladding, tiles, grouts, metals, garden furniture, paths and driveways, floors and roofs . It can be used safely indoors and out.

Can be used as a stand-alone cleaner or as a superb preparation tool prior to painting.


Apply the product liberally – a low pressure hand spray can be used for large areas and particularly for vertical surfaces. Allow the product to work for 5 to 15 minutes on light soiling and 15 to 30 minutes on heavy soiling. Agitate briefly with a brush or coarse cloth as appropriate. Do not allow to dry out prior to rinsing off.Whilst still wet thoroughly rinse off with clean water. Use a pressure washer on larger areas or very porous substrates to achieve best results.Stubborn or deep staining may require a second application.

DilutionFor heavily soiled areas, use neat. For lighter soiling, dilute 1 part MSC with up to 5 parts clean water.

Trial application - As with all our products we strongly recommend you carry out a small discrete sample application to test the suitability of our Multi Surface Cleaner for your particular use.

Please refer to the relevant Product Health and Safety data sheet prior to any use.

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