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Multi Surface Protector

Amazing invisible protection for porous substrates. Doesn’t just make surfaces easier to clean but actively helps prevent dirt penetration and build up!

Suitable Substrates

 Magic Bullet’s ‘Multi-Surface Protector ’ (MSP) is a ‘protective treatment’, not a coating, and offers invisible protection to any porous surface – all types of natural stone, brick, grout and mortar, cement, concrete, render, floor wall and roof tiles, terracotta, and both block and slab paving. It can be used safely indoors and out.

New materials should be treated to retain their ‘new’ look.  Aged surfaces once cleaned should then be protected against future soiling to retain their cleaned appearance. Protected areas are easier to clean and require cleaning much less often, therefore costing less to keep looking like new.


 Shake the container well before use. Ensure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and free of any loose material, grease or oil. Surface temperature should be  ˃6°C. Liberally apply two coats (wet on wet) of the product to saturate the surface using a roller or brush. Use a low pressure hand spray for larger areas. On vertical surfaces always apply from the bottom up. Will be dry in 1 hour, become water repellant within 24 hours and develop optimum effectiveness in approx. 7 days. Clean all tools immediately after use with water.

CoverageIs dependent on porosity.

For guidance only - Limestone 2 to 4 m² per Lt. Brick, cement render and concrete paving  6m² per Lt. Polished concrete and marble  8 to 10² per Lt. Granite 12m² per Lt.

Trial application

As with all our products we strongly recommend you carry out a small discrete sample application to test the suitability of our Multi Surface Protector both for your particular use and to determine specific coverage more accurately.

Please refer to the relevant Product Health and Safety data sheet prior to any use.

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