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  • Ebbsfleet United FC

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    Ebbsfleet United Football Club have chosen Magic Bullet Products for a key role in the extensive refurbishment  of their Stonebridge Road stadium. Magic Bullet’s High Performance Cladding Coating in the club colours of Red (RAL 3020) and White has transformed the stands, crush barriers and other metalwork .This high build, flexible anti-corrosive coating should continue to protect without the colours fading for many years. Please look out for the Fleet in the Conference South next year.


  • Website - "Its alive i tell you, alive!"


    The Website has taken its first baby steps out into the big wide world - but before Google discovers it exists, we are hard at work trying to get all the products and information we can onto it.

    If you are here already it is probably by invitation so please feel free to nose around and make any suggestions you think might improve it to Perry or Mike.



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