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Interior stain blocking matt solvent based paint for the renovation of ceilings and walls with inbuilt protection against mould.


Special polymerised resin based binder.


• Reversible coating (convertible)

• Good water vapour permeability

• Zero tension

• Rapid hardening

• Totally flat matt finish

• Very good mechanical resistance

• Excellent stain covering properties against

nicotine, dried water and soot

• Non-yellowing properties.

Area of application

Classidur Tradition is widely used in historic buildings including

churches. Classidur Tradition has all the characteristics of the Classidur

range, with the addition of very high resistance to the proliferation of mould.

Because of its specific characteristics, Classidur Tradition can be applied

with no primer or undercoat on dry and coherent substrates which are free

of mould, such as plaster, concrete and mortar, as well as surfaces stained

with nicotine, dried water or soot.

Classidur Tradition can be used, for example in :

- food preparation areas

- breweries

- slaughter houses

- butchers

- canning factories

- basements

- cold stores

- industrial kitchens

- abattoir

- refectories

- school buildings

- changing rooms etc.

- churches


Colour : white

Odour : low

Shelf life (20°C) : at least 12 months in tightly closed containers.

Never skins over.

Packaging : 12,5 l

VOC: 2004/42/CE A/g 350 g/l (2010) max. 350 g/l


Appearance : totally matt

Density : 1,39 (average)

Solids : 63 % (average)

Drying time :

- «Dust dry» after about 1 hour

- Touch dry after about 2 hours

- Totally dry and hard after 24 hours

Abrasion resistance :

Abrasion resistance moist class 2 subject to EN 13.300


State of the substrate

The substrate must be sound, clean, dry and free from mould. Treat

beforehand supports containing molds with an appropriate product.

Method of application

Brush, roller (medium length pile synthetic roller).


If nessersary, it is strongly recomended to be diluted with odourless

classidur Diluent (Use only in well-ventilated areas).

Cleaning of tools

With Classidur Diluent or white-spirit.


140-160 g/m2

Practical Coverage

approximately 9-11 m2/litre. These values are average and can alter

according to the absorption capacity of the substrate.

Application system

For optimum mould growth resistance, two coats of classidur tradition

must be applied.


• Good air circulation is recommended during application,

• Foodstuffs which are not in closed containers must be removed during

application and for a period of 24 hours thereafter,

• In cases where the substrate is soiled with mould, clean them beforhand.

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