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Water Borne 2 pack Epoxy Floor Paint

A tough water borne two pack epoxy floor coating that offers ease of application with no solvent smell!



Product Features

•Tough mid sheen coating for internal floors

• Resistant to heavy traffic and chemicals

• No solvent smell

• Good coverage saves money

• Efficient sealer for concrete floors


Suitable Substrates

 Our Water Borne Epoxy Floor Paint is suitable for old or new concrete floors (which have through dried) and previously painted surfaces which have been suitably prepared and checked for compatibility.



Due to the wide variety of substrates and circumstances involved in floor coating and renovation it is essential that the customer satisfies themselves as to the suitability of any product or specification prior to commencing application. We strongly recommend a small discrete trial application be carried out well in advance to check for adhesion, finish and colour. Magic Bullet's technical department are happy to give further advice and information.



Water Borne 2 pack Epoxy Floor Paint

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